If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably noticed how much smoother things run when communication is good between you and your employees. When each employee is just a quick message, email or phone call away from communicating with colleagues, clients or yourself, the margin for error shrinks drastically. From confirming meetings and appointments to keeping one’s entire schedule having a Smart Phone around is a lifesaver when running a business and managing the crew. When a business is small, business owners can count on their employees having their own Smart Phone, or at the very least their own cell phone. However, as a business starts to grow, if the owner wants everyone to be so easily connected it’s time to start offering such a phone plan as a perk. Employees are likely to use far more minutes and messages than they would ever use if they weren’t working for you, and paying their existing phone bill puts the business owner at a disadvantage. Having your own business Smart Phone plan is really the way to go, but as anyone who has tried it knows, there are downsides to.

Giving out phones that are registered in your name can be nerve-racking. People find increasingly creative ways to trash Smart Phones every day, and when it’s your name on the insurance the economic risk and penalty falls on your shoulders. That fine line between wanting, and needing to provide employees with such technology may be one you’re tentative to cross, but keep in mind that even if the damage your employees cause is outside the terms of the warranty, all hope is not yet lost. There are other ways to deal with a busted Smart Phone that don’t leave you completely penniless. By going online it’s easy to sell old, and even broken ones for cash. While it may not recuperate everything you’ve lost, it’ll sure keep your cellular phone expenses in the plus column.

Within a minute of heading online you can have a quote and know exactly how much the old Smart Phone is worth. Then, just give the word and you’ll be send a postage-paid envelope to send the phone back in. samsung galaxy tab a It’s that easy. Today, online businesses are not all about scams, but rather about convenience. It’s ten times easier to get cash back for old Smart Phones by using the internet than by trying to sell it yourself, of finding a storefront that will take it. The consumer base for old phones and Smart Phone parts is huge, it just takes one uniting forum to bring the buyers and sellers together, and today that forum is the internet.

The bottom line is that being in the decision maker’s seat is a tough place to be. Knowing whether or not to entrust such perks as a company Smart Phone to your employees, however, should be easy. These are not just fun technological devices to have, but real tools that can help streamline and grow your business.

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